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ARRANGØR: Bærum Kulturhus

GOLD - The Best of Mnozil Brass

Messingmagi med slapsticks, overraskende komikk og mesterlig musikalitet.

Åpne opp for latteren, de musikalske messingmesterne Mnozil kommer tilbake!

Mnozil Brass skal igjen gjeste Norge, og kommer rett til Bærum Kulturhus med sitt helt ferske show «Gold - The Best of Mnozil brass». Det er femte gang de spiller i Store Sal, og nok en gang skal de blåse oss over ende med sin musikalitet, sin humor og utallige påfunn. Dette nye showet er rett og slett skrudd sammen av det ypperste av det ypperste fra deres 25 år lange karriere.

Slapsticks, overraskende komikk og mesterlig musikalitet møtes når Mnozil verden rundt. Vi lover en helt unik konsert som vil få deg til å rulle av latter.

Bandet Mnozil Brass består av syv messingblåsere fra Østerrike. Det hele startet i 1992. De var alle studenter ved Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst i Wien. Deres faste møteplass var puben Mnozil, og her begynte de å spille sammen. I dag er de berømte for sin særegne stil og humoristiske formidling som alltid får publikum til å bryte ut i latter. De gjør sine helt egne versjoner av kjente klassikere, og når de spiller østerrikske og tyske schlägers blir ofte resultatet absurd og komisk. Med sine messing-instrumenter i alle størrelser og fasonger regnes Mnozil Brass-gutta også som noen av verdens beste innen sitt felt.

Mnozil Brass entrer Store Sal i Bærum Kulturhus den 1. og 2. november. Det finnes ingen over og ingen ved siden!


Thomas Gansch, trompet og flygelhorn
Robert Rother, trompet og flygelhorn
Roman Rindberger, trompet og flygelhorn
Leonhard Paul, trombone og basstrompet
Gerhard Füssl, trombone
Zoltan Kiss, alt- og tenortrombone
Albert Wieder, tuba




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Engelsk info/bio

Mnozil Brass – From then till now:
The “Gasthaus Mnozil” is in the famous 1st “Bezirk” (district) of the City of Vienna, directly opposite the Music Conservatoire. Fate played a role in the group’s beginnings in 1992, when seven young brass musicians were lucky enough to take part in a regular music series held in the restaurant under the auspices of Josef Mnozil himself. Soon, original folk tunes had become occasional pieces as their repertoire grew to include typical brass music, hit tunes, jazz, pop, opera and operetta, appealing to all ages and stages of life. No sense of fear here, no reprisals for anything out of place, and all played with an open mind, typical Viennese “Schmäh” (almost impossible to find an English equivalent, but best rendered as a kind of sarcastic charm), along with impressive technical skills.

Mnozil Brass now give around 100 concerts annually all over the world: from the farthest reaches of the European continent to Israel, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, the US, and Australia. They play to full houses in grand venues, including the famous Burgtheater and Konzerthaus in Vienna, the KKL in Lucerne, the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in Moscow, the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, the opera houses in Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Leipzig, the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus and the Berliner Ensemble. As for the “Gasthaus Mnozil”, well, they fill that too of course, but in a somewhat different way Mnozil Brass is an incredibly creative band.

Since 2000 they have produced a new stage show almost every year: “Zimt” (2000), “Smoke” (2001), “Ragazzi” (2002), “Seven” (2004), “Das Gelbe vom Ei” (2007), “Magic Moments” (2009), “Mnozil spielt Mnozil” (2010), Blofeld (2012), Happy Birthday (2013), Hojotoho” (2013), Yes YES YES (2015), “CIRQUE” (2017) (Regie  : Philippe Arlaud – Choreographie: Virginie Roy)

And in between, there was even time left over for some successful theatre work: - “Das trojanische Boot” (Operetta by Mnozil Brass and Bernd Jeschek, Premiere at the RuhrTriennale 2005, Dir: Bernd Jeschek, Music: Mnozil Brass) - „Irmingard“ („wahrscheinlich eine Oper“ by Mnozil Brass and Bernd Jeschek, Premiere at the Salzburger Festspielen, 2008, Dir: Bernd Jeschek, Music: Mnozil Brass) - „Blofeld“ (Premiere at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspielen, 2011 Dir. and choreography: Ferdinando Chefalo, Music: Mnozil Brass). -  “HOJOTOHO”  “A Wagner-Bass-Comedy” (Commissioned by the City of Bayreuth on the occasion of the Richard Wagner 2013 Jubilee) Dir: Philippe Arlaud,  Music: Richard Wagner / Thomas Gansch / Leonhard Paul / Gerhard Füßl Choreography: Anne Marie Gros – Lightdesign: Mariella von Vequel-Westernach

No wonder they have won so many awards 2001 Nomination for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. 2006 Cabaret Prize “Salzburger Stier”, the most renowned prize in German-speaking territories. CDs:  “Volksmusik aus Österreich No Ziel” (Mnozil Brass & Gansch Schwestern), 1997  “Wenn der Kaiser grooved”, 1998  “Dasselbe in grün”, 2000  “Zimt”, 2000  “Smoke live”, 2002  “Ragazzi”, 2004  “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?”, 2007  “Almrausch”, 2009 
“Yes Yes Yes” 2015 
Six of their stage shows are already on DVD: “Seven”, 2005  “Das Trojanische Boot”, 2007  “Das Gelbe vom Ei - La Crème de la Crème”, 2008  “Irmingard”, 2008  “Magic Moments”, 2010  “Blofeld”, 2012
Books: „20 Jahre MNOZIL BRASS“, 2013 Mnozil Brass wrote and recorded the music for the Austrian film “Freundschaft” (2006, Dir: Ruppert Henning, with: Ruppert Henning, Erwin Steinhauer, Arthur Klemt).

The Musicians:

Thomas Gansch
Born in Melk an der Donau, Thomas is one of the band’s founding members. At that time he was the tender age of 17 and had already deputised with the the Vienna State Opera. His love of jazz was stronger however, and so it’s no surprise that he became one of the most successful trumpeters in Austria who is a leader in terms of style. He can play anything on his instrument: jazz, classical, crossover and anything in between. Other than that, he is like a whirlwind on stage and can tell a good joke or two, with perfect comic timing. When he has time off, he composes for Mnozil Brass and makes sure new projects come to fruition.

Robert Rother
Like Thomas, he also hails from Melk an der Donau, where they both played as children in a wind band conducted by Thomas’ pretty strict father. Polkas were on the programme, but they played waltzes and marches too. A good learning experience it seems! Robert can engender a tone that is guaranteed to bring anyone to tears, with so much longing and so much feeling. By way of contrast to Thomas, he hardly moves on stage at all and lets the music just speak for itself.

Roman Rindberger
He was also born into a musical family and played folk music as youngster with his father and two brothers. His father Hans, in turn, would meet up with Gerhard Füßl’s father Franz, because the families lived nearby. Roman loves classical and the more technical passages, ones he renders with the precision of a Swiss clock-maker. And he even claims to know how it works! For anyone who wants to know more about brass music, then Roman is the man for you. On stage, he plays the Latin Lover.

Leonhard Paul
He was born in Mödling near Vienna and is the first musician his family ever produced. Although, there was a grandfather who earned his money as a painter and whose pictures hang in every other house in the better areas of Vienna. Recently, the other members of the band have started to be a little concerned about him, because he seems to have taken a liking to the more shady characters. Everyone wishes to play the hero, but Leonard revels in roles which display the darker side of man. So what is going on in his head exactly?

Gerhard Füßl
He grew up not far away from where Roman lived and was also able to count on a father who taught him much about brass music. He is the most loved among the group. Probably because he looks after financial matters…everyone tries to keep on his good side. And no-one wants to encourage his wrath, remaining as friendly as can be. For his part, he is usually friendly to all in turn. Zoltan Kiss Austrian folk music was certainly not part of his background, as he was born in Budapest. He spent some time in Poland before finally settling in Vienna, where he plays trombone in four languages. One of the group’s favourite games is to put some really difficult music on his stand and see if he can play it. And he can! His technical skills on the instrument takes one’s breath away. And bets have been placed as to when and how something will be written that he cannot master. The higher the line goes, the better, the lower it goes too. It just can not be fast enough that he can not play it.

Wilfried Brandstötter
He began his meteoric rise to fame on the humble recorder. After that he sang treble in the choir. And then he wanted to be a violinist. It seemed he had settled for the trumpet, before finally plumping for the tuba. Speed is not really his thing. What he likes to do best is to produce some nice notes that are neither too high nor too low and make the concert hall and those sitting in it resonate in a pleasant way. He has no idea why people like tunes in brisk tempi.

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